and the belly says: HELP!!!

I love it when we get little freebies here at the office! (and since I work at a branding/design firm, usually our freebies consist of paper samples, or print samples, etc)...



*it's like two jackpots!? in one day?! (maybe I am lucky....)

so, I've already embezzled some paper-co. postcards to help add flair to my little corner

And check out these Halloween cookies we got from one of our Printers! (creepy sugar-cookie-hands?)
*but look at that icing job? wow. detail: warts, creepy black nails, spiders, webs,....uh?? gross.

(the bad news it that I think these cookies were poisonous, or else I should have known better than to try to eat the whole thing. EVERYONE in the office agreed that after finishing theirs they felt like a bomb had exploded in their bellies. a sugar-cookie-green-creepy-hand-bomb.)


I did not finish the cookie. I only ate off all the fingers. (and then discovered the bomb-effect)
Also, the menacing photobooth-picture is in honor of the creepy hand..I'm not in a bad mood today or anything.
(just felt the need to clarify)


so, does this mean I'm lucky...?

So, while eating my lunch-salad...I found a clover? in my spinach-leaves?

I realize that lucky-clovers need to have four-leaves (and my clover only has three). BUT- doesn't the fact that there was a clover in my salad just make it intrinsically lucky? (by some sort of luck-default?)

oooooh, also-
does anyone have thoughts about morkies?
(and for those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about- don't feel bad. Up until this past saturday, I too had no clue what a morkie was.) Buuuut, in the world of small-dog-ness, a morkie is a mix between a yorkie and a maltese (and little sis is currently OBSESSED).

We were walking downtown when she spotted a (very cute) little dog, being walked by a (not quite as adorable?) little old man...and we literally CHASED him down the street, so we could ask what kind of dog it was...
(*and when I say "we" chased him so that "we" could ask him---what I really mean is "karen" chased him (while I was chasing after her, yelling: "really? Karen! this is so embarrassing?!")

and ever since then?
she's been on the Morkie-hunt.

but, I'm not gonna lie: if she brought home a little pumpkin that looked like this? I would love it.


I wish I had thought of it first...

Seeking Girl Who Bit Me TWICE Last Night While We Were Dancing

Saturday, June 6, 2009
- m4w - 27 (42nd St and 5th Ave)
So yea...um, looking for the girl who I was dancing with last night, she bit me twice. I forget her name.

Sophie Blackwall is the most ingenious illustrator....ever.
She has illustrated a collection of random "missed connections" from Craigslist....and this is what she has to say about her work says:
"Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I'm trying to pin a few of them down."

I have a secret fettish with Craigslist's Missed Connections.
At work, we went through a very short stint where we created MCs...and had contests to see which ad would elicit the most return emails. (believe it or not- Whole Foods seems to be the haven for love....even more so than Kennywood....or the dance clubs...) And please don't think we're evil for creating fictional MCs. They were very specific, and ridiculous, and anyone who replied to them...well...I won't cast judgements--but, lets just say: a wee bit desperate(?)

Anyways, Sophie is my new hero. (and honestly, you really should look at some of her brilliant illustrations here.)



(*post dedicated to Emily Pritz, who had a problem with all the dead flies...)

ok, "capes" probably doesn't need an exclamation mark with it...BUT, I did get the best junk-email the other day-- (and I have been saving it for a cold, dreary, rainy day...just like this)

and what was this little email all about?

*There it goes again. (sneaky little exclamation mark...)

Anyways, Real Simple believes it has a very serious relationship with me. (and therefore delivers emails to my inbox at least 2 times, daily.) And last week?---they hit the jackpot with their "Cape-Update"

Maybe I'm just behind the times...a little late on the fashion-memo....or so deeply in love with my collection of cardigans that I failed to realize that capes are apparently the "in-thing" this season.
(yeah, news-flash. right?)

After perusing through their cape-photo-montage....
I knew that I had to share this little collection of cold-weather-goodness.

*oh, and I apologize to any cape-wearers out there who may be insulted by my cape assessment...
buuut, here it goes:

opening up the season of cape-ness, we have the gray little-bo-peep cape.
(I believe the model is attempting the "sexy-pose"....buuuut, we all know this is nearly impossible in a cape.)

cape #2...(the buttons are somewhat redeeming?) But, when you try to slather yourself with a knitted sheet--there comes a point when not even buttons are going to help out.

um. this is an unfortunate turtleneck sweater, that was de-limbed...and then sold as a cape.
(I don't care what you say. this is NOT natural looking)
I mean- think about this...really think about this:
How in the world are you supposed to look even somewhat attractive in something like that?

Oh, and now for the all-time favorite:
(yeah...no words are really needed to explain why this is hideous)
--it looks like she literally just laid a sweater on top of her frontside.

(oh, and continuing on in the pumpkin-ness....) Carlyn brought me a pumpkin-latte at work today...to bring the total to THREE LATTES in ONE WEEK!

I'm currently in a bit of Autumn-heaven...


oh my....oh MY!?

apparently dead flies are good for something?

this guy (Magnus Muhr) has managed to make them into art.
(and sadly...I kindof think they're cute......*in a very-disguistingly dead-way, of course!)

{dead flies need to pee...?}

{and, of course, can ride horses}

{see...aren't they just a little cute?}

{you eventually forget that they're dead...right?}

{you've at least give the guy props for creativity.....}

oh, aaaaaand (accountability)

remember how I said I had my first pupkin-spice-latte yesterday?
latte #2 happened today.
AND I made pumpkin soup for dinner.

it's that bad.


too much..???

I'll be the first to admit: I'm a fan of fonts.
Good typography can make me swoon...(it's true)

and yes, I also sometimes feel married to CS3. (And although my current job requires the use of QUARK (*aka: spawn of satan) --back in the day, InDesign was probably my biggest love.

but, this man?....THIS man??.....has taken it just a little too far.

(*those would be his initials, tatooed with InDesign prepress marks. yeaaaah.)

don't believe me? ...read about it here.

...oooooh, and speaking of "too much"
(*that would be the title of this blogpost...in case you have already forgotten)
is there such a thing as too much pumpkin consumption?

• it started with the DQ Pumpkin blizzard....

• continued with pumpkin bread...

• and then some pumpkin pie...

• and then this MORNING, I had my VERY-first-ever pumpkin spice latte.

(*everyone always raves about them: and by "everyone" and "raves" --what I really mean is that about 50% of my Facebook friend-population has mentioned them in their status updates in the past week.)
REALLY people....isn't that just a bit excessive?

...but I finally broke down and got one.

and now I understand why they are FB-status worthy.

it's like putting a piece of pumpkin-pie in a percolater.

...but, seriously: is there such a thing as too much pumpkin?
because, if so....I'm getting DANGEROUSLY close

(and I haven't even started with the pumpkin-soups yet)


um, ...hello life-changing treat?!

see that?

{pumpkin DQ Blizzard}

until this afternoon, I don't think I'd even heard of a pumpkin blizzard before...



(*I don't care what measures you have to take...but i STRONGLY suggest sprinting to your nearest Dairy Queen and consuming one of these little lovelies as fast as humanly possible.)