So, I have this very-bad (and highly-addictive) habit of browsing through beautiful websites, and taking screen-captures of pretty things. It sounds like a pleasant, harmless, and innocent pastime…(but, when your desktop begins to get cluttered with random images and folders labeled things like “Pretties”…or “Random Pretties”….or “Nice Colors”….It’s a sign that things have gone a little far.)

Anyways- I have decided to share a few of my little online-treasure-finds with you all…(and yes. One day I aspire to recreate these….when I have a lot of time….or no life. (whichever one comes first).

….*actually, if I stopped looking at pretty things, and actually tried to make them. I may have some success….

Project #1:


I realize that in order for this to be a practical project, I would first have to own a tea kettle. (but, really…minor detail.) And how could you not love something like this?....a fuzzy little forest creature just perched so friendly on top of your stove(?)

Project #2:


This is probably the most practical (and feasible) of the three projects…(the only issue would be the aquisition of a coffee-bean-bag.) however- the payoff would definitely be well-worth it. (How cool would I be, walking down the streets of Pittsburgh with this thing!?....especially since I am pretty sure every other 20-something female here only owns namebrand (or very large and shiny) purses/bags.)

Project #3:


Ok…in all honesty, THIS project is never going to happen. (and if it did…I’m pretty sure the results would just be disastrous) BUT HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!

Well…it’s almost the weekend. Maybe I’ll find myself a tea kettle and start sewing a squirrel….(I mean, what else could I possibly do?)


aaaaaand, it happened:

i woke up this morning....and THIS was what i saw out of my bedroom window:

white-ness! lots and lots of it...

*please note the "cross-wall" extending out of our garage? ...yeah. i have no clue.
*also- take a good look at those steps. i have a very strong suspicion that i will find myself falling down them at least once this winter. ice+darkness+(my not-so-good-coordination) = recipe for stair-descending disaster.

and this is the lovely view from my kitchen window, of the park across the street...

(don't be fooled by the the little bit of shrubbery-poking it's head above the railing. that is actually the most enormous bush i have ever seen....and yes. i do live on the second story...so, that is a huge. huge. huge. bush.)

alright. this is my last post about snow, i promise!

(well....for a while at least)


how can you not love life...

(when this is your weather forcast)

oh.....i love snow.....!!!!!!!!!


for your viewing pleasure:

so, i realize that halloween has come and gone (and we are very much in the month of november now)…but I was downloading pictures from my camera last night, saw these…and decided that they just had to be shared (despite the fact that Halloween is very much over.). but- my neighbors still have their giant glowing jack-o-lantern suspended from the third story of their house…and my other neighbors still have the enormous inflatable dead witch on their porch, so I figured- I can at least post some Halloween pictures(?)

(side note: I have discovered that people really get into Halloween around here…my street has looked like a glowing orange version of Christmas for the past month…It’s endearing, but it kindof creeps me out a bit…) I just hope they stay this excited about the holidays in december….

anyways. (as professional-working-adults) of course we all decided it was very necessary to dress up for work on Friday…(please note tony’s costume- which I think was intended for a two-year-old) Carlyn is pippi-longstockings, and I’m supposed to be the Sun•Maid (I realize my lack of a bonnet kindof kills the costume. but, believe it or not…I don’t have an abundance of bonnets just laying around the house)

pippi. thomas. sun•maid.

we definitely all went out to olive garden for lunch looking like this.
and our waitress asked us if we were preschool teachers.
(…I’m not really sure if i understand how our costumes allude to the fact that we teach small children? but, we definitely were the only people in the entire restaurant who were dressed up.)

(uh....i don't think we were ready for this picture.)

but the best Halloween-costume-award definitely goes to little chub-chub. (our boss’s kids came by in their costumes…) and, really- how can you not fall in love with that little frog!


note to self:

the next time you eat a hotdog, don't underestimate the potential of the mustard....

(suddenly i have this inexplicable desire to create mustard-art...on disguisting food products.)