home sweet home {mine}

well...i know that i have been promising various people pictures of my apartment for...well...some time now. (i moved in sept 1st. so, i guess that it would be about 3 1/2 months of unfulfilled promises now?..not too bad...)

anyways- here they finally are (your little-internet-virtual-tour)
if you would care to come visit me in PA, i promise you the in-person-tour will be much better. :)

of utmost importance:
yes. i have crystal doornobs. and old-fashioned keyholes. (this place is adorable)

also, is it ridiculous that i have an entire closet entirely devoted to random artsy-junk?
(and that i am way too excited about it?)

first stop:
{the little living room}
(and i don't use the term "little" here lightly. this is seriously the smallest room of the house. i even have to use a mini-couch.)
*but don't worry....it folds into a twin bed, so you'll have a place to sleep when you visit!

you can come rock in my chair....

or read my books?...

now we can ventre into the BIGGEST room of the house:
{the kitchen}
seriously- this home is going to force me into obesity.
*this is the only room i hang out in...

for all of it's space, though...it kindof lacks counters.
{which is why i have that huge chest of drawers over there.}
i found it on the side of the road.
*don't judge me. (i washed it well first...?)

next stop:
{sleeping room}
pretty much self-explanitory. and those huge windows look over the little garden in the backyard.
(*and lots of snow...more recently...)

and of course you can't leave out the bathroom.
pretty unexciting.
(unless you take into consideration that the first month that i lived here i had no curtains...and i live right across the street from the park.)
yeah. i did a lot of hunched showering. (*sorry. too much information?)

so anyways.
come visit.


home for the holidays...

you know, mothers have a special way of making the holidays special.

(and mine is no exception)

*these are a few little treasures i found while looking through some old pictures from last christmas...

one day i hope to bring my children this much joy.....


good friends:

are supposed to confront you when you're doing something wrong...or when they see you making poor life-choices...etc...

so, i got this in an email a few days ago:




so- i kindof have this thing about health insurance.
(it is just one of those necessary precautionary evils...that is very, very, VERY necessary). And i have my little health-insurance soapbox (that people, such as my dear friend linda, have had to endure for a while now.) And, from the time that i graduated in may...(*when I got booted from the nice little parental chevron-policy i have enjoyed up until that point)...until now- i had some cheepo/short-term plan...but, it was sufficient.

well, i finally have health insurance...(through work). So, i called up my cheepo-insurance provider to cancel my coverage.

big woops.

(they said my policy was no longer active. aaaand, actually- i have been uninsured since the first of october.)

YIKES!??!?!....so- now i'm panicking...trying to think of all the stupid things i've done in the past 2.5 months, that might have killed me.

(and, it strikes me as a little odd that i am worried about health-insurance-coverage that i didn't have, and obviously didn't need...)

*maybe i worry too much.


IF i were a photographer...

i would want these to be mine:


the simple pleasures in life...

(namely: inflatable christmas yard-decor and scented deodorant)

inflatable christmas yard-decor:
so, i believe i've mentioned my neighbors before (the polish family next-door? with lots and lots of children, and an affinity for enthusiastically decorating for EVERY holiday?)

Well, last night (after returning from a lovely thanksgiving holiday at home in little Abingdon) I drove up to 448 Teece Ave....only to be greated by two GIANT inflatable nutcrackers, gobs of glowing-electrical-snowflakes, moving-lighted-reindeer, and a plethora of other lighted christmas parafanelia. *Please don't get me wrong: i don't ever wish to be "the family" with the giant inflatable snow-globe-yard-ornament. (you know the ones i'm talking about...that have little fake snow puffing around in them?) But, for some reason...seeing other people with overly-decorated homes just brings so much joy to my heart. Maybe it's because it makes me believe that they take as much pleasure in the Christmas season as i do....
But, ....after their inflatable witch for halloween, inflatable turkey for thanksgiving...the polish neighbors did NOT dissapoint...and have really done up that house incredibly....

scented deodorant:
i realize this is a bit personal...and you all probably don't really want to know about my deoderant-selection process...BUT, i can't help but enjoy picking out the new scent with the old one runs out. (like tonight...i had to make a semi-emergency-run to the grocery store down the street...for a little deoderant reinforcement). Luckily, Kuhn's has a MUCH smaller selection of deodorant scents than WalMart...but- it's still exciting to pick the new one. (you have to make sure to sniff every option- because you do NOT want to be stuck with some wretched scent that makes you reak of rotten baby-powder...or something awkward like that.)

so- after a few minutes of (attempted-discreet) deodorant-sniffing i went with an adventurous new smell: Dove's "GoFresh Grapefruit and Lemongrass"

yes. you can be jealous. :)