my mother is probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious people I know...(and today is no exception)

I was talking to her on the phone this morning, when suddenly she gets cut off mid-sentence and hangs up on me.

...I wait for her to call back...

and her opening line:
"I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened... but I'm in the backyard, and somehow my phone got caught on my pitchfork."

yes: you heard that right....

(*i love my mother.)


roomie....is getting married!

i really don't have words for this, just a little photomontage of why i love stephanie galbo....and am SOOO ridiculously excited for this weekend:

(also. i don't really have the time or patience to organize these in any type of chronological order....so, bare with me. and the spastic-captions.)

{smart girls}
...this is how steph and i first met. as seniors in highschool....during scholarship weekend.
(what else can you call it but destiny, that two 5'12" girls would be there at the same time. and want to see if we could wear the same pants.)

yep....gradumacation came with style.

...we took our fair share of roatrips and adventures....

....aaaaand, came up with last-minute/low-budget haloween costumes....that no one really understood (or thought was funny).
*we liked them, though.

i believe it's thanks to me that steph doesn't mind snuggle-time.
(although i really don't advise doing it under random boy's armpit hair.)

well...it was our best attempt to combat the "winter-pudge"
yoga? pilates? ....but we were mostly best at wearing lots of layers and consuming carbs.

yep. we even managed to do the outdoorsy-campy thing.
(well...except i still don't think you've ever spent the night in a tent, steph.)

...we like eating exorbant amounts of healthy foods.
(like rice-cakes!?)

...then again, we do ok with the non-healthy foods too.
*fortunately, there's no photographic evidence of that.

...yep. (despite the fact that i was the one who lived overseas for 4 years)...steph has introduced me to a world of culture.
(which means...ethnic food, too?)

yeah...don't be confused. we had a short-stint in the backyard-modeling circle.

{ooooh, yeah- HOT!}
and then there was that time that we modeled those wedding dresses...
and had makeup plastered to our faces...
to the extent that we were barely recognizable....

buuut, tomorrow: THIS girl is going to be the only one wearing the dress.

and i couldn't be happier.

(love you roomie.)


if you like things hot and steamy.

(i know, i know....scandalous blog-title)
BUT- i'm referring to beverages here, people.....BEVERAGES!

and if you know me very well...(or even barely at all) It's highly probable that you know that the preferred consumption-temperature of my hot-drinks is the level right below scalding. (you think i'm kidding? ...i'm not)

i'm that girl:
• the one who goes to starbucks and orders her latte "extra hot"
• the one who burns off most of her tastebuds in the winter months when hot drink are vital to arctic pennsylvanian survival.
• the one who adds milk and cream to my coffee or tea, and then has to reheat it--because the itty bitty addition of cold milk cools it off too much.
*i've even rubbed off on my friends enough that they too have been known to reheat mugs of coffee and cocoa halfway through consumption, just so that it can retain optimal almost-scalding heat for as long as possible.

soooo, let me introduce you to my new best friend:

{yep. that is one shiny pillar of vacuum-sealed HOTness!!}

This mug is vacuum insulated and vacuum sealed and will keep your drink hot or cold for MORE THAN FOUR HOURS!
(and when i say hot? i mean HOT !)

so, if you're wanting to plan ahead for some toasty-drinks during the winter months ...(or, if you're like me...and enjoy a scalding beverage year-round)
look no further!!!! it's here!

*available at your local targets...