is it wrong...

....that I think this is genius?

"A guerilla campaign for Superette is leaving quite an impression (haha) on New Zealanders. By putting indented plates across the inner city and fashion district bus stops, mall seats and park benches, those who sat down wearing short shorts or skirts walked away with an ad campaign imprinted on the back of their legs."

Maybe it's because I work in the marketing-world, or maybe it's because I'm sick of swaddling all of my body in multiple layers of stockings and scarves...but this has definitely just made my day.

(And makes me dream of wearing shorts again.)


you call this a THIN?

I found this in my box of WheatThins.

Let me introduce you to the....


(pictured on the right is a normal cracker. On the left....well...a WheatThick.)

*also, note to self: don't try eating an awkardly-thick WheatThin. It was disgusting.