office inventory

This is what I stare at for approximately 8 hours every day.
(and in case you're wondering: YES that is a picture of a stick in my photoshop window.)
Don't ask...

This is what I drink for approximately 8 hours every day.
(decaf. don't worry.... I try to stay away from the office-caffine-jitters)
So, nothing too interesting or out of the ordinary, right?
Well....we haven't hit the drawers yet.



...let me show you mine:

{Drawer #1}
Drawer #1 isn't too odd...I mean, sure there's enough tea in there to supply an average american family for a year.. (and a coupon for more tea) ..but, that's not too embarrassing, right?

{Drawer #2}

shameful: two potatoes and a gift certificate for an hour-long massage.

WHO AM I!??!?!?!?.........


just call me ms. handy!

Ever wondered how to attach a lamp to the ceiling?
(without using the "normal" supplies?)

Well, all you really need are three nails, one thumbtack, and a twisty-tie.

See?......{don't worry: it may not look secure, but I promise...it is...mostly}

And tadaaa!!!
The previously dark corner of my studio has light! (*optimal for some late-night-futon-reading)

ingenuity? skill? (or just laziness?...and not wanting to drive to HomeDepot?)
to all of the above, the answer is: yes.


creeped and wooed.

want to be thoroughly creeped out?



ok, here it is:

this is a vase...for your wall...(obviously)...but WHO in their right mind would want a creepy dead-looking hand holding flowers?

um, not I.

So to make up for the fact that I just made all of you look at a creepy hand-vase....
I will share with you my new favorite illustrator. Stuart Kolakovic. I am so wooed by all of those pictures right now.

(I hope you can enjoy them as much as I am....)

*and the phrase "wooed by" should be interpreted very loosely in this context.


it's all a matter of perspective.

I love living in a place where 40-degree days feel warm.
(*honestly: there was no sass or sarcasm in that statement.)

Yesterday was a 40-degree day, which meant most of the snow in our yard began to melt (or at least turn into very slushy piles of mush).
But 40-degree days most importantly mean:
EVERYONE (at least on Lowland Dr.) washes their car.

I don't know what kind of crazy pittsburghers have...but, I've caught it.
Because I thought it was a good idea too.

So, surrounded by snow (and armed with a hose and a bucket of suds) I washed the volvo.

*it was only semi-painful when I plunged my hand into the VERY cold bucket of soapy water.

But, the volvo is now salt-free.
And I am one winter-car-wash closer to being a genuine Pittsburgher.



humor me for just a second, and please admit that this is one of the most adorable logos you've seen in a while.

(no, I cannot take credit- but I wish I could)


ooooh...dear....Mama B

Mama B is just...well...full of highly quotable statements. (like this one...with the pitchfork)

Most of the time I am the only one around to enjoy her little conversational gems, however- every once in a while there are a few other fortunate people around to witness and enjoy the words and wisdom of Mama B.

Soooo...mom was in town the other weekend, and her visit happened to coincide with an evening of dinner and entertainment Karen and I had planned for some male friends. (*disclaimer: no romantical attachment to either)

And, not only was Mama B in town...she also brought The Other Child with her.

{The Other Child}

The Other Child has been around for a solid decade now...which means she's reaching "aged-dog" syndrome.
(*aged-dog syndrome consists of highly-sensitive needs and dietary requests, such as a pillow and blanket at night, placed on top of her memory phone mattress...and she literally refuses to eat anything unless it is organic. How does she know if it is or isn't? ...it's a mystery to me. But I swear: she is her mother's dog...)

Anyways, The Other Child has recently been developing a big of a pooch. (you know...that porkiness that settles around the middle of a dog and causes a bit of a waddle, and a pooch of belly when she lays down?)

MamaB doesn't believe that she's getting fat...even though child #1 and child #2 try to tell her.

However, during this evening of entertainment and food, The Other Child is laying on the floor (in full porky/waddle/belly-pooch-ness) and Mama B finally admits that she has gotten a bit plump.

the ensuing conversation goes somewhat like this:

  • leslye: "SEE! We told you she was getting bigger"
  • Mama B: "well, she's just getting her old-lady love handles?"
  • leslye: "no, it's because you feed her too many treats!"
  • Mama B: "but she loves them so much, it's ok if she's a little bigger..."
  • leslye: "mom, you wouldn't ever let us get that plump!"
  • mom: "well................that's because angel doesn't need to find a husband"
(and so goes the logic of Mama B)

...and our male houseguests found this a bit hilarious.


on a scale of 1 to 10....

how nerdy am I?

I'm really not sure...especially when it comes to the typography category of nerdiness...but I think it would be safe to say I'm close to a 9. (shameful!)

and that is why this little typographical-personality test just made my day.

and the verdict? (*which is straight from Pentagram, so you know it's going to be legit.)

I am a Baskerville Italic:
  • Rational
  • Understated
  • Traditional
  • Relaxed

Isn't it a beauty? (just look at that ampersand.....mmmmm....)

ok. maybe the nerd-o-meter just went up to a 9.5.


I've never lost a camera, but I still think this is the most brilliantly-clever idea, ever...

(how to remedy camera-loss)