It is exactly for reasons like this that I feel legitimized for my fear of sleeping in houses alone.

um, hello. I don't care if you're cold. STAY OUT OF MY BED!

...unless you look like this little muffin.

(but still...only on special occasions)



Do you know what I was doing exactly one week ago?

I was eating OYSTERS!?
SERIOUSLY...why do people eat those things?

I was emailed this photo by my dear friend Julia, who decided to commemorate the moment with a cellphone picture. (...so that way I could always remember the horrors of my first slurped-up-shellfish.)


Do I look petrified? ...because I am.
And please notice very (non-supportive/smirking) boyfriend in the foreground.

Come on.....if you ate this, you'd be making that face too!




My dad works a mysterious rotational job overseas, where he's gone for a month at a time.
My friends hear about this, and usually decide that he works undercover for the CIA.
(I can't say that I can really argue)

Until I was watching TV the other day....

and NOW I know what my father does in his mysterious months "at work"

He's really Anthony Bourdain!!