if my last post was about babies...obviously the logical thing to write about next would be grandmas.

(*in my case: this would be a nana)

My nana belongs to the part of society that is still a bit skeptical about all this new crazy technology happening everywhere...unfortunately, we have no mercy, and we force it upon her.
A few weeks ago, my parents flew out to see her, bought her a computer, and set her up an email account.

this is an excerpt from the gem of a letter I got from her a few days ago:

Hi Leslye,
I really do not have much to say. I hope you are alright and the snow is not getting you down. I went tochurch today . They were having a pot Luck fund raiser for the choir. I did not want to cook anything ,so I looked at fruit and cakes at the store yesterday. I decided on a carrot cake. There are alot of Philippino people in this church now and I never know what to eat. Any way I had a plate full.It all tasted good. It sure was nice of your Mom and Dad to get me this compute4r, even though I did not want them to. Now your Mom is pushing me to use it. I hope I am not boring you. Even my typing is bad these days. Thank heaven for the spelling check.
Bye for now. I Love You! Happy Valentines Day.
Love, Nana

my favorite part is definitely the philippino food at the potluck.

ooooooh, she's a funny one...



I'm an aunt.

And don't freak out. Karen's not having a kid.... I'm just a fake-aunt,
(*which is definitely the next-best thing)

and who's made me into such a lucky lady?

....meet Bennett:

Isn't he just a little pumpkin? And he's even wearing the little whale-shirt I made him...!



(*but, you see: this is what happens when your friends have children, and you have to live vicariously through them with itty-bitty-crafting desires)



so...let me know if you want me to be your fake-aunt too. (I'm kindof fan of this auntie-ness!)


wanna be a font-nerd?

yeah, thought you did.

soooo, you should take this test.

it combines shooting, and typography. what more could a girl want!?

do you see that? they called me a "true font geek". I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me...



(or at least that's what they've been calling the 2 feet of snow that we got hit with on Friday night)
and it seems fitting: snowpocalypse.

But, (instead of hunkering down under blankets and hot cocoa), do you want to see what I was doing friday night during all of this crazy-mad-snowiness?


...which means i got stuck on the opposite side of pittsburgh for 2 days. (woops!?)

and woke up to a world of this.
...2 feet of snow, in one night? crazy.

and we're supposed to get another 10 inches today.

(they called in the national guard. no joke. because they don't know what to do with all of it....)

oooooh, winter.......