why i love today:

It’s raining and dreary outside. i haven’t taken a shower in days (yes...personal hygiene: failure) because i went to the doctor yesterday (and after i got sampled and bruised and abused) they told me i couldn’t shower for another 24 hours. (great). I have managed to somehow loose my house keys, office keys, and car keys IN my house. (so, i had to go to work this morning using the spare car-key, and the garage-door opener: classy). My computer ate the files i was working on...and...well...it’s just one of those days.

fortunately, i’ve never been one to dwell too much in the melodramatic...so, i’ve compiled a visual list of reasons today should NOT be one of those days:

1) the plant has GROWN! (you’ve been wondering about him?...maybe forgot about him? *yeah, woops. me too.) I feel like this may be a sign of my future-partenting tendencies (neglect)...hopefully my children will thrive despite me. :)

{hey little zenia! you're gettining so big!}

2) PANCAKES for lunch. (First Watch is the best place for pancakes. Banana-granola crunch, blueberry, cranberry-nut...mmm....goodness.)
*yes. above are pictured ACUTAL first-watch pancakes....although i would never advise ordering three. Those things are the size of a small flattened....cat(?) And i can barely make it through 2.

3) this afternoon i randomly decided to look through my coupon collection (*actually, it's more like a coupon-abyss) and found THIS!
(yep. for TODAY! if it weren't for my random-coupon-abyss perusing, i totally would have missed it)

4) And to top it off? ....moments like this:
{i really wish i could add an explanatory caption to this...but i have no clue what's going on.}

update:: the day continues to get better....with the return of boss-brian and his giftings of gourmet-ohmygosh-so-good CARROT-CUPCAKES! (delish.)


should i be concerned?

so- i was sitting at my desk eating lunch earlier today...munching on a bag of carrots...(*and quick sidenote: i am pretty sure that currently, carrots are comprising at least 75% of my diet...especially after carlyn brought in carrot-muffins this morning...which i followed up with half a bag of baby carrots for lunch.) woops.

i'm methodically munching, working, munching, working, (etc.) until i grabbed a particularly hefty carrot and as i attempted to put it in my mouth realized it was FREAKISHLY GINORMOUS. (*please note the picture below, which shows a comparison of baby carrot specimen #1: normal....along with baby carrot specimen #2: FREAK)
but, after this (very necessary) photodocumentation. i ate it.
and, yes: my stomach does feel a little odd...but, i don't know if it's from the freak-carrot...or just the overabundance of carrots partying in my poor little belly.



it was just one of those days.



uh....so, i'm hypoglycemic. right? (meaning: i should not eat sugar)

and who just finished off a package of peach rings? ehhhh.....yeah. oopsie.
(but they're just so daggone good...the perfect combo of sweet and sour and chewy and not...) oh dear. oh dear.

i went and saw Observe and Report in lieu of biblestudy tonight. (well...the biblestudy contestants/participants/whatever-we're-called went to see it...so, it was only sortof "in lieu") but...WOW. i mean- i know i'm generally the niave/sheltered/bubble-child -- but so much NAKEDNESS. and OLD-MAN nakedness. and FAT-OLD-MAN runing- around nakedness. (*the whole moving-viewing experience may be required to fall into the "woops" category)

but the biggest woops:
i have a SCREW in my tire.
(yep. true story: somehow a screw managed to lodge/screw itself into my back tire...and i noticed it when i was driving down one of pittsburghs lovely(but annoying) cobblestone streets on saturday. (and yes, you can compliment my incredible auditory-skills. because honestly...I was pretty amazed i could hear a screw on cobblestones.)

so.....does anyone have tips? (what to do when your tire gets screwed?) pun. mmm. nice.

on a non-woops note:
the adorable little laura chinchilla
got married to phil on saturday. they were beautiful. the ceremony was beautiful. and, well, it was just a beautiful day. (i love weddings)

I also love photoshop...and pretending that i'm a wedding photographer. (ehh...fail?)

(oh, and any type of scattered/randomness in this post will be blamed ENTIRELY on the peach-rings)

*ps. just looked at sugar-content for above-mentioned peach-rings: 32 grams. wow. (that means i'd better get to bed ASAP--because i'm going to be crashing...soon.)

*pss. you know how they have those cellphone/emergency-necklaces for old people? (remember the infomercials where they fall down and can't get up? but the little 911-call-necklace saves their life?) well. i think i need one of those...for my post-sugar-coma-crashes...

(like right now)


good friday?

yep. it certainly is.

...the best text message i've received all week:
"good morning! It's good friday--take the day off and have a nice Easter."

UUUUUhhh...could this day get much better?

{leslye's current life status: flannel. couch. coffee. hulu.com}


the BIBLIOchase...

so, is it just me? or does this seem a bit overkill?{the bibliochase}

i mean- i consider myself a fairly-avid reader. ("avid" meaning: i have been known to complete 500-page novels in one sitting.)
But--this? according to the website it: "Contains 5 metres of books."
Why would you POSSIBLY need 5-metres of books surrounding your body? Wouldn't you just feel a bit smothered by information? and options? ...and where would i set my mug of coffee*? and mini-muffin* plate? (*necessary for good-book-reads)

plus...i feel like i am already a beacon of "borderline-nerdy"...and if someone came over and saw this in my livingroom? psht. say goodbye to any hopes of social acceptance and cool-status.


let's reiterate:

i know that this has been mentioned already on here: (the lack of...ooooh...about 8 inches of hair that USED to hang out on my head) But, seriously. people. i have short hair. BLONDER-SHORT HAIR. *both the blonde-ness and the shortness continue to be a bit of a novelty to me. (and honestly- i wouldn't have mentioned it again, except for the fact that most of you readers are: A) far away. and B) if/when you will ever see me again...there is the good possibility that the short-blonder-hair will have morphed back into its intristically-more-lame state of longer and mousey-colored. buuuut- this post has been mostly inspired by C) ---THERE IS A SONG NAMED AFTER ME!

ok. not really...but, when your name is spelled as weirdly as mine is "leslYe" (?) i feel that i have some kind of unspoken-ownership over anything "leslye"-related.

so, please see the album-below...LEGITIMATE-SONG-TITLE!? (and so appropriately-named...)
now...the bad news: if you actually youtube/googled/etc this band--you would discover their musical taste/talent/abilities to be a bit.....oooooh, could we say "sub-par"?

but- here we have it. yes. photobooth. (classic)
please live vicariously through my computer, and absorb all that is leslye, blonde, and short-haired.

(also a new discovery on photobooth: CUSTOMIZABLE-backgrounds.) i believe this is my early-morning attempt to be as cuddly, cute, and adorable as the birds...



sweater love (or crushes)

i've already mentioned my love of sweaters, right?
(well...more specifically: the oldman & sweater combo.)

and despite GORGEOUS temperatures outside (70 degrees? in pittsburgh?) i'm just sitting here and thinking about sweaters.

actually. i think it was started by these sweater lamps that i found online.
(um...can we say: adorable?)
and sweaters lamps (combined with a conversation i had earlier today about "practical-crushes") of course got me thinking about my all-time favorite combo: (oldmen & sweaters)....which i feel the need to elaborate upon.

the oldman & sweater combo is generally an all-inclusive endearment. (although, it is preferable for the old man to have a bit of a belly...) Mr. Rodgers never achieved ultimate-oldman & sweater status due to his thin frame. (but, the fact that he would change between two different sweaters during the course of his show (*while singing) helped to make up for his lack of the belly-pooch.)
{love him}

unfortunately- the sweater combo is best pulled off by the elderly generation. (i'm not saying that it can't be pulled off by younger men...just that it becomes much more difficult.)
Maybe i should explain....

Exhibit A:
this youngman & sweater combo has the potential to veer into one of the pretentious, overly-swaddled combos. He obviously is unaware of the fact that he is indoors (maybe confused by the pile of wood he is lounging on?) because he still has on his scarf...and he definitely has the look of the self-absorbed/ pretentious-sweater-wearer. He knows he's swaddled in sweaterness, and is a beacon of coziness to all sweaterly-prone-females (like myself)...and he is making a (very sad) attempt to abuse that power
(um, and did i already mention he sitting on a pile of very-uncomfortable-looking lumber? indoors?...)

Exhibit B:

(obviously younger sweater-wearing men tend to be oblivious to their surroundings.) fortunately, Exhibit B is not double-swaddling indoors like Exhibit A was...but, i am a bit concerned that he is combining sweaters with camo-pants(?) and that he is in a location tropical enough to condone grass-huts. Once again: Exibit B is very aware of his sweater-wooing powers, yet dumb enough to wear a henley-button-down-rib sweater to what i can only assume to be a war-zone/sunny-beach venue.

Exibit C)
I am not sensing that Exhibit C is suffering from self-absorbed over-swaddling (like Exhibit A). However- he is definitely leaning towards the heavily over-swaddled. Unfortunately- it's the kind of overswaddling that screams: "my mother knitted my multi-colored scarf and still gets me dressed every morning" while simultaneously giving out the "senior-photo" vibe. (but it's ok kid... you've got a great smile.)

That was only a three-man critique...(and really: i could go on and on and on)...but i'll spare you any more sweater-wearing-analyses.

but- if i could end up like this one day, i would be perfectly happy:

(and NO: this is not a metaphorical illustration of my desire to morph into a headless-wicker-torso...or to marry a wooden-headed and feature-less man.)

come on, people. don't take everything so literally.


{rainy. dark. cold}

today is a definite-hump day:
wednesday. rainy. dark. cold. (with a can of semi-unexciting chicken soup on my desk waiting to be opened and heated at noon.)

but...i guess there are a few things to be excited about:

1) we have new flavored coffee at the office (english-butter-toffee-something?)...*verdict: very tasty. (although, our lack of milk/soy/cream/half&half has forced me to use the sketchy "spoon&stir" powdered-creamer...which smells a bit like fishfood to me...
2) it's april 1st. (? new months are always fun.)
3) pandora has been making exceptionally- stellar playlists all morning. (*Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: i've been thumb-upping and thumb-downing this station for months. and i think it has finally achieved (what
i believe to be) ultimate-pandora-station-ness.)
4) my mini-office-flowers are blooming quite nicely....(despite the cold, dark, rainy-ness) *included below is gratuitous flower-progress photo.

5) and my paper-clip desk pets are keeping me company. (thank you cubarney children. whenever they're in the office i seem to find a new one on my desk. it's kindof precious.) *gratuitous photo also included, since paper-clip pets are a bit difficult to explain...