the little pookie.

that's right, the little sis graduated last weekend. (and MOVED IN with me!) Roomies+sisters=good times.

but- roommate-ness has been put on hold, because she's gotten really sick...and we had to take her to the ER yesterday. (so, keep the little pooksters in your prayers.) She's staying in the hospital until her fever goes down (a lot) and she can stay hydrated without her IV.


to all the starving rabbits:

today's lunch hit a new all-time low in the fresh-produce-dept.
(*and not "low" as in "lack-of"...) it was more of a "low" = "OVERABUNDANCE-of"...

this would be due to the fact that my mother was here this past weekend. (and the amount of time mama-bourquin spends in my house is directly proportional to the amount of fresh produce that i find in my refrigerator when she leaves.)

and this weekend was no exception.

sooooo...this morning, when packing my lunch, i was faced with a fridge-full of spinach and cauliflower. (*which unfortunately was turned into the largest spinach/cauliflower salad that has ever been known to man.)

(this picture was taken half-way through the salad-consumption....about the time that i realized i was consuming an obese-rabbit amount of spinach and raw cauliflower.)

*i don't even like raw cauliflower....


{this is who should have eaten my salad}


make me a vegan.

sooo, a few months ago - (in the height of my "coupon-craze") - i signed up for some "Kraft-Kitchen"-something-or-other (in order to get a coupon, for cheese(?) maybe...) Anyways, now i'm on the Kraft-Kitchen's weekly mailing-list (blast. because I forgot to sign up using my specially created "coupon-junk-mail-address")

so- last week, Kraft sent me some little treasures: "A dozen ways to make a ground-beef dinner." (Or something like that?) And of course I was absolutely thrilled...(because, we all know I tend to eat an exorbant amount of ground beef.) *not.

but, out of curiousity? or boredom? (or both) I decided to click through their little slideshow....(who knows? i may have a sudden change of heart and begin consuming ravinously carnivorous amounts of ground beef)....and i was APPALLED.

(and felt forced to share)

so, please meet some of the highlights of Kraft's 2009 Ground-Beef Brigade:

{opening slide}
*great shot. raw. meat. bloody. perfectly-rounded-rectangle.
also. doesn't Kraft know you should not be combining raw meet with fresh produce?
(PEOPLE: this is how mad-cow happens....)

{first temptrous-meal}
*maybe it's just me...but, this looks a bit too much like something just up and died (in chunky-crumbles) on a bun. and then slathered itself in melted american-cheese. (out of those individually-wrapped plastic sleeves.)

{it gets better}
*as if just meatloaf weren't enough...lets swaddle it in bacon (and pretend not to notice the definite yellow-undertones of the loaf)

{grand finale}
*just in case you're not thinking it yet, i'm gonna say it:
poo. carrots. wrapped in lettuce.


Operation P.L.H.I.T.S

(hopefully i didn't just accidentally spell something profane or awkward with that abbreviation....) *i tend to do that a lot, i think.

BUT- "Operation Put Leslye's Handwriting in the Sky" = SUCCESS!
(and is only further proof why i really am not yet mature enough to be holding a "real" job...)

So, a few weeks ago- I had to design some billboards...and as I was considering different styles/layouts/etc....it suddenly occured to me that this was potentially the only opportunity i will ever have to make my handwriting *famous.

*disclaimer: "famous," in this instance, (unfortunately) is actually only a very small-scale usage.

So, here they are: a sampling of some billboards currently up and around pittsburgh.

(please note handwriting)

ALSO- if you notice two boards WITHOUT a leslye-font-addition.....(well, it's still kindof a sensitive subject...but, obviously the client didn't like my handwriting on these two.) ....still trying not to take that personally...

and no...i can't take credit for taking these pictures. (they were sent to me in an email this morning)....along with the following explanation about the last photo:

"...poster location #2633...whew! I was flying down 51 toward the Elizabeth Bridge with lots of traffic so I shot it from my moving car. If you click on it and make it full size, then pan left, you will see it next to Edgar Snyder. I would have been calling Edgar to see if he really can "get money for you" if I had slowed down and tried to take the shot. (I was rear-ended coming home from a funeral in February...just got a new rear bumper...don't need to go through that again right now!) Anyway, they are taken from either a moving vehicle, a slow moving vehicle (can you hear the car horns blaring at me???), or pulled over illegally on the berm, or in the gravel pit of an abandoned building."

I've decided I really love getting descriptively adventures emails from clients.....


say no to deportation!

(and save mar!)


...actually, i don't know if deportation is the right word...but, whatever it is that's happening...i know that it's bad.

*and anyways, why would america want to deport such a potentially outstanding citizen?

{he can do the 80's}

{makes a great dance partner}

{or life-partner?}

{definite ladies-man}

{and creates customized wall-art}

(*oh, and i think i forgot to mention he can whip up a mean pot of rice....)



yes...it's been an ashamedly-long time since the last blog-update. but, i must blame it on the following individuals:

two weekends in a row?!.. of some of my favorite people?!?
*seriously. i'm getting visit-spoiled.

(so, if you care to visit Pittsburgh anytime soon....let me know. I'm kindof on a roll)

*also, lets just be honest: living by yourself is HIGHLY overrated...(so, come visit. for the sake of my social-sanity...and because i've gotten pretty good at creating customized-pittsburgh-tours)