{a few pictures}

well- i've been hoarding a stash of random pictures on my desktop that (individually) do not deserve a post...but, (conglomeratively) they just may be sufficient.
we'll see.

first of all: i looked up the names of the paint that we're using for the livingroom/dining room...(i believe i mentioned painting-adventures and paint-fume-asfixiation earlier)....BUT- here they are, New Penny and New Brick:
(which, on screen look rather tame) unfortunately---on walls, I'm afraid it's going to look a bit more like THIS:

Which could become a bit of a tragedy....
(we're hoping for the best, though. but- i mean, let's be honest here: orange walls are always going to be an adventure.)

alright- NEXT (and no, - sadly this was not a personal-eyewitness-photo) but, still- the fact that GRAVY-DISPENSERS exist? (there is just something very wrong with that) FUNDAMENTALLY wrong.

oh, and here is potentially the most precious little teacup/saucer combo. ever. which just makes me want to morph into some adorable tea-drinking, book-writing, scarf-knitting person...and stay home and drink tea all day. (and get a cat)
*winter is definitely my "hot-drinks" time of year...which is lovely, except that i prefer consuming them at the average temperature of about, oh....BOILING.
(so, that means that some days---like, today---my tongue is left with very-little feeling and angry-tastebuds.)

(UGH. so cute.)
so, i guess there are lots of fires in australia, currently? (or maybe they're all done now, but i'm just behind...) In any case- this little koala (according to news reports) was so hot from the burning forests, that he climbed into this big bowl of water on someone's back porch.
*note to self: in next life, live somewhere that koalas will randomly appear on my deck.



living in PA, you get a lot of funny looks when you tell people you went to college in arkansas...

but really, did this ever happen to me in Siloam?

no. but, it has happened to me here.

*monster-truck-jam. yes. best way to spend valentines-weekend.


one nurdle, please.

so- the little sis and the boyfriend (*boyfriend: belonging to afore-mentioned little-sis) came down this past weekend to do some home-improvement projects (aka: PAINTING) to the new house. oh yeah, and in case i've failed to mentioned it yet--i moved.

anyways-all of this painting/priming/color-choosing-ness led to a GREAT deal of quality time spent at HomeDepot. (and after our 2.5 hour visit- i have deduced that the time one spends in H.D. is directly related to the amount of handyman-knowledge one learns during afore-mentioned trip.) *and was that really the second time i've used "afore-mentioned" in one post? yikes. new-favorite-word/nerd alert.

so, at some point during the second hour of paint-aisle perusing--(and finally deciding on a "dark/rusty" shade of reddish-orange for wall color #1)--our new best friend (aka: H.D. employee) informed us that in order to paint a dark wall color, it is VITAL to use a tinted primer. (and for all of you out there who are planning on eventually painting a wall anything darker than sunshine yellow or baby-blue --take note: this is very useful information i'm sharing)

and at this point, new-best-friend begins his schpeel on paint-tinting...his experiences with dark wall color, and the CRAFTS & PAINT-CONFERENCE he attended several years ago. (yes. there are conferences dedicated to crafts and paints, and obviously H.D. deems it necessary to send their employees) Well, N.B.F. was saying that we could purchase a small tube of tint, and add it to our own bucket of primer to save some $ (which is always a plus)...and he said that it would only require a nurdle or two....

hold it:


yes. apparently this i the official term that should be used when referencing a tube of (anything) that can be squeezed. A nurdle is produced when you use two fingers to squeeze the direct center of afore-mentioned tube. (*3rd-time? yes. this is definitely my new word.) Once your two fingers meet, you've got yourself a nurdle. (however, you should be careful where you use this terminology: as it can also be a reference to a sexual term, in Australia.)

so, in conclusion: tinted primer works wonders, "afore-mentioned" is a stellar word, and (in addition to knowing rare-terminology) N.B.F. smelled like cinnamon gum...


it's true:

open google-maps
type in 8 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA
choose "street-view"

...and on the corner of Sampsonia Way and Federal St. there are two "epic-warriors" caught, forever, in combat...on the internet.

it's things like this that make me so happy to realize that the world is full of crazy, random, people...(and maybe i'm not so odd afterall.)


is it true that all great artists go crazy...?

if so: if am definitely on the road to greatness....(or maybe just average-insanity)

I've been on a bit of a "painting-kick" lately...which has resulted in my spending a LOT of alone time (with paint thinner). I haven't eaten off of my kitchen table for about 3 weeks now, as it has been commandeered by a mini-easel, cups of paintbrushes, and a slaughtering of paint-tubes. I've had so much fun just being artsy and crafty--(NOT for work, or class, or because i have to...but just because i like painting.) ...however, i believe that the combination of (limited)social-interaction and lots of paint-fumes is finally catching up with me....because i've recently noticed a trend in my behaviors...and it's leaning a bit towards the "odd" side.

example #1. concerning a missing phone:
so, the other day- i was frantically searching through my apartment for above-mention-missing-phone. (no luck). fortunately Mel was online...so i had to gchat her, with the odd request of calling my phone...so i could find it(?) anyways...phone rings (in the general-kitchen vicinity)...but, i could not see it ANYWHERE. (um, but- i finally realized that my knife-drawer was ringing.) This is definitely a bad sign.

example #2. concerning the basics of numbers & counting:
at work yesterday, my boss asked me to count out the number of printouts in this big pile he was going to be taking to a presentation later that day. (no big deal, right?) well...i'm standing there...counting paper...when i suddenly realize i've counted an entire pile--and ended with "Q".....Q? seriously? numbers are obviously superior to the alphabet when it comes to counting things....

(that's when i realized things have really started to go downhill...)