In 58 days, I'm going to be marrying this man!

And becoming Mrs. Smith!

(oh, and all my dreams of never having to spell my last name were crushed yesterday when I was on the phone with someone, trying to reserve hotels rooms for the "Smith Wedding-Party")

Hotel: "What is the name of the party?"
Me: "Smith"
Hotel: "Schmitt?"
Me: "No, SMITH!"
Hotel: "Schmitt?"
Me: "No, Smith: S-M-I-T-H!"

(But, I've never been happier to spell a last name.....!!)


Stephanie said...

not to say that Galbo > Loup is as dramatic as Bourquin > Smith, but I also thought that people might understand Loup a little better... and I might have to spell it less often. however, we are apparently the only Loups in Louisiana without an E on the end. So I also have to say "Loup, no E on the end" instead of "G-A-L-B as in boy-O"

linda said...

yay!!! love!!!

Lock Smith said...

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